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All Saints History

The history of All Saints Catholic School began in the spring of 2002, when Monsignor Robert Getz asked Vivi Kreitz to undertake a study to determine parish and community interest in a Catholic school. After talking to many families and adding up the possibilities, Mrs. Kreitz concluded that there was sufficient interest to actively pursue the idea. She asked Father Bob for permission to engage the help of a friend and early childhood education colleague in coordinating the planned school. As a result, Patti Farrar joined the venture as the kindergarten teacher, and Mrs. Kreitz took on the role as the teacher of the four-year-olds.

The summer was a whirlwind of work—checking out rooms on the Assumption Churchpremises; buying furniture, books, and toys at garage sales; cleaning carpets, shelves, and windows. More importantly, the staff of two tackled the daunting task of all the paperwork involved in creating and running a school. Mrs. Kreitz and Mrs. Farrar enrolled in a week-long NAC course to secure the licenses required to run a pre-school and day care facility. They wrote a school handbook, did some advertising in church and in the Roswell Daily Record, and set a date for school registration. They waited with apprehension, wondering if anyone would show up. Amazingly—and through the work of the Spirit—the enrollment for that first year was 52 students!

It wasn’t until a week before the first day of school that a teacher for the three-year-old class was hired. Mrs. Eiffert, the long-time librarian at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, joined the faculty. Also, a parish mom served as secretary that first year, willing to work for her son’s kindergarten tuition. Later, she supervised the after-school program. A school board was established that first year, led by Mr. Joe Andreis, who served as president, guiding the decision-making process throughout a year that was both exhausting and successful beyond all expectations.


Since 2002, the school has continued to grow along with a name change from Assumption Catholic School to All Saints Catholic School, encompassing the three Roswell parishes: Assumption, St. John’s and St. Peter’s. With the assistance of Board President Dennis Pabst, a first grade classroom was opened in 2004, and a second grade classroom for the 2005-2006 school year. Of course, this expansion led us back to cleaning out unused rooms and shopping to outfit new classrooms.


Also during our second year, we acquired a wonderful gem in our front office: Mrs. Christine Batley, who served as office manager and “band aid” lady with efficiency and caring for over three years. Through all the years, Floyd Kreitz has served as our volunteer business manager: he pays our bills, maintains the budget, and reports to our school board and to the diocese. He works tirelessly to make the school “happen.”


In Fall 2006, the school added grades three through six, made major renovations to classrooms, outfitted an entire Mac Computer lab with 15 work stations for kindergarten through sixth grade, and provided Internet service for the entire parish plant. A new principal, Marianne Pollack, and secretary, Kathy Martinez were hired, and the school enrollment rose to 109 students.

All Saints History
All Saints History
All Saints History
All Saints History

From our earliest days, the school has received enormous support and generous donations from our Assumption Church family. Much of our success is a reflection of the dedication of Msg. Bob Getz and now Father Bill McCann, whose love for the children and the support for the school’s Catholic mission know no bounds. And the dream of building a “real” school is becoming a reality—a five-acre parcel of land south of the Parish Hall was donated by a generous family of long-time parishioners, and an architect has been contracted to “draw the dream.” One day soon, the cornerstones of quality and caring—so much a part of the school’s identity—will be surrounded by a building filled with children of all ages and led by the Spirit of God.

All Saints Catholic School Roswell, NM
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